Joan Hamilton has released four CDs of her original music. Her first, In The Morning Shade, was released in 1992, followed by Picture Book in 1995, Grand Avenue in 2000 and Flying on 390 in 2005.

Flying On 390
 Flying On 390

1. Hard Life
2. I Felt Freedom
3. To Be You
4. Nightime Boating
5. Heaven's On Earth
6. On Your Own
7. To Eden
8. Dachau
9. Opening Up The Door
10. Fire and Ice
11. The Long Road
12. Life's Passing Phase

Listen to "To Be You"


Listen to "Heaven's on Earth"


More great folk-rock from Joan Hamilton. Twelve original songs produced and arranged by Joan. Most songs recorded at Joan's own Grand Avenue Recording. Mixed and mastered by Kevin Loyal at Echo Park Studio, Bloomington, Indiana. Musicians include: Sandy WIlliams, Kevin Loyal, Devin Ashley, Gregory Tanner, Mike Kerrigan, Vessel Ruhtenberg, Ruth Huxhold, David Pleiss, Jeff George, Tim Collie, Ann McWilliams, Stacia Demos, Lori Tapscott, Chris Thomas, and Jeff Russell.

Grand Avenue
Grand Avenue CD cover

1. Hard, Cold Ground
2. My Dreams
3. Sing For You
4. To The Woods
5. Me And Miguel
6. For The Young Ones
7. Community
8. Even If
9. Maybe It's OK
10. I Like Watching You
11. Take Me Once
12. Joan's PMS Blues
13. Way Out Of Line

Listen to "To the Woods"


Listen to "My Dream"


13 great tunes from Joan Hamilton. Smooth, confident acoustic music. A delightful listening experience. Featuring the amazing talents of Joan, Jeff George, Grey Larsen, Dan McLaughlin, Lori Tapscott, and Larissa Bell Deter. Produced and arranged by Joan Hamilton, recorded by Grey Larsen at Sleepy Creek Recording, Bloomington, IN.

Picture Book
Picture Book CD cover

1. A Daughter's Request
2. Nobody Knows
3. A Little Older Soul
4. My Little Sister
5. Picture Book
6. I Saw You Last Night
7. Stuck In The Middle
8. High Risk
9. How Can I Express
10. The Dream Catcher
11. Like A Ball And A Chain
12. The Spirit'll Move Me
13. Heaven Will Remember

The CD with "My Little Sister Rides A Harley"! Cuts from this CD were heard on radio stations across the country. Featuring the musical talents of Joan, Jeff George, and Grey Larsen. Produced and arranged by Joan Hamilton and Grey Larsen, recorded by Grey Larsen at Sleepy Creek Recording, Unionville, IN.

In The Morning Shade
In The Morning Shade CD cover

1. Another Child
2. I'm In Between
3. Inside and Outside
4. In Everybody's Time
5. This Change
6. In The Morning Shade
7. Nature's Own
8. The Last Time
9. Seasons Come
10. This I Promise You
11. Place Where I Belong
12. Together
13. Something Good

Joan's first CD is a beautiful collection of gentle songs. Produced and arranged by Joan Hamilton and Grey Larsen, recorded by Grey Larsen at Sleepy Creek Recording,
Unionville, IN.

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